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Your business, your choise. 

Business Meeting

# 1
Outsource through our network

Outsourcing through us on this website, via norwegian architectual office, Arkitekt Giskegjerde AS, we will assure you are best quality and service. Our experience of outsourcing since 2013 will be at your hand through our contact Kenneth. Working with us we will be available through email, telefon and videomeetings (google, MS teams etc.)

Welcome to our Team!

# 2
Other outsourcing channels

We have provided a few independent links so you can start your online outsourcing search from well know databases. There is a lot of outsourcing from Ukraina throughout the world, so there is plenty of different sites providing knowledge and contractors on the topic. 

Good Luck!

# 3
Online searching

On top of our website there is an Ukrainian flag. Click here to get to Ukrains official goverment website. Start here to find information etc for your online searches. 

Good Luck!

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