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Outsourcing from Ukraina to Norway

This website is provided by a Norwegian architectual office,

Arkitekt Giskegjerde AS,

We have colaborated with Ukraine outsourcing companies since 2013.

Due to this we have been able to deliver faster and better projects throughout the years with high quality profesionals in Ukraine.

We encourage you to experience this as well. 

We created this site in order to give other norwegian business within the building industry and others a pathway for outsourcing to Ukraine. 

There are many ways to do this. 


You get in touch with us, and we provide our high quality professionals to your company.

This way our guaranties and references are to your benefit.


You use the provided information on this website to search and connect your business with independent businesses in Ukraine. 


You search online for business partners depending on your line of work, location etc to your needs. 

We encourage you to do whats best for your company.

Bottomline is that Ukraine benefits from our joint effort to outsource.

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